Energy storage


Lithium metal batteries

The major challenge for high-performance Li metal anodes is the Li dendrites growth. By adjusting the lithium adsorption energy of the depositing substrate and fabricating stable SEI film, we are able to effectively suppress the Li dendrite growth and achieve stable Li depositing/stripping.


Shuttle effect of lithium polysulfide between the sulfur cathode and Li anode is the main cause of energy loss in Li-S batteries. Containment of lithium polysulfide is of high importance for achieving long-term cycling and high Coulombic efficiency. Our research focuses on the atomic structure regulation that will adjust the polarity and conductivity of the sulfur cathode, finally trapping lithium polysulfide species at the positive electrode.


Si anode shows excellent application perspective due to its 10 times higher specific capacity than traditional graphite electrode. However, the huge volume expansion and serious pulverization hinder its practicability. In order to solve these defects, we developed a series Si-based composites by different methods for improving the practical application of Si anodes.