Adjustment of the properties of 2D materials

Even though the intrinsic optical, electric, magnetic and mechanical properties of numerous 2D materials are very attractive, the adjustment and control of these properties still remain tricky and challenging, hence we focus on the following methods to regulate the properties of 2D materials.

Doping: By substituting a small part of atoms with heteroatoms, some amazing phenomena can be observed such as phase transition and the nature of the materials in some certain materials. 

Alloying: Alloying can be an effective method to achieve continuous adjustment of properties in binary or multiple system.


Intercalation: with solution or electrochemical intercalation, single atoms can be introduced to the original system to change the intrinsic properties.

Heterostructure: Inspired by the Lego blocks, we combine various kinds of 2D materials to form heterostructures, in which, plenty of properties can be enhanced or tuned.